Solar for Builders & Architects

A few things to consider during the initial concept stage

How Pacific Power can help…

With the installation of solar power systems becoming the standard in new house builds and renovations, it’s important that we can offer the market the latest in building integrated photovoltaic’s (BIPV). At Pacific Power we can bring together well known and trusted brand name products from throughout the electrical industry, and supply and install your solar power, energy efficient lighting and power reduction products to help you deliver cost effective renewable energy to your client. If you’re building, renovating or designing a house with solar power in mind, there are a few things to consider during the initial concept stage.

  • What size system is required?
  • What panel technology is best suited?
  • Is the roof facing the right orientation and at the right pitch.
  • What cables need to be run?
  • Where is the best location for the inverter?
  • Do you want to monitor the system over the Internet?
  • What additional work is required in the switchboard?
  • What budget has been allocated for the PV system?

If you are already at the build stage, provide us with a copy of your plans and we will be able to design you a system that will meet your requirements and budget. We know when you’re building costs blow out, the solar system is the first to suffer. However, with the modern inverters on the market today you can install a small amount of panels on to a large inverter and, you can add more panels as you can afford it. We can guarantee our work and are more than happy to give a five-year workmanship warranty on all our installation work.